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How can you Get Involved with our Program?

Recruiting Students

Whether you are looking for interns or full-time employees, our students and graduates offer a unique skill-set; they have the technical proficiency to solve challenging data problems while being able to communicate the solutions throughout all areas of your organization.

Our graduates have dealt with real-world problems and have strong analytical skills in the following areas:

  • Data Management
  • Data Mining
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Forecasting
  • Optimization

Our graduates have a tremendous record of success in worldclass organizations. Their combination of analytical and interpersonal skills has helped them advance to leadership positions. Some of the companies that have hired our graduates include:


Sharing Knowledge as a Guest Speaker

Motivate the next generation of business leaders by sharing your business experience. Teach our students and faculty how your business uses analytics to drive better business decisions. By presenting real-world examples, you will help our students realize the potential impact they will have on the business community. In spreading your wealth of knowledge, you also will be helping to shape the path of business analytics research and teaching. By sharing your time, you will be building a collaborative relationship between your company and the university, opening your company to future relationships and earlier access to graduates with great skill-sets.

Sponsoring Student Projects

Our program provides students with real-world problems that do not conform to textbook solutions. Collaborating and consulting with our students will provide you with talent while helping them develop into the next generation of leaders. We invite your business to engage in projects with our students and faculty in this classroom environment. You’ll not only get the opportunity for brainstorming, technical assistance, and feedback from faculty but will be able to identify topperforming students for potential recruiting. One of the greatest benefits of working with our students is the ability to test new ideas with our students, who have access to cutting-edge methods and technology, without investing a lot of your money and time. You will be able to give your employees time to work on current projects while opening yourself to the opportunity to take more risks and provide growth for your firm.

Investing in Scholarships and Fellowships

Our top priority for reaching out to companies is to build long-term relationships between our students and faculty and analytical-based organizations. In addition to volunteering your time, you may consider supporting our students through an undergraduate or graduate fellowship or scholarship dedicated to supporting students interested in pursuing the business analytics field. By doing so, you are investing in the next generation of business leaders and supporting business analytics throughout the college, university, and community.

Why Partner with UT’s Business Analytics Program?

Business analytics is one of the fastest growing fields in business; it teaches future leaders how to use data to drive smarter business decisions. At UT, we are training our students to become future analytics leaders. We invite you to partner with us. We are looking to build long-term relationships with forward-thinking companies who want to use data to transform their businesses and improve their competitive positions. It is no longer enough for companies to make decisions based on intuition and feeling; they need to use data to back these results. We are teaching our students how to use that data to make more effective decisions in their jobs.

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